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Databases and Information Systems

Uni Göttingen

10th OWL Experiences and Directions Workshop (OWLED 2013),
Montpellier, France, May 26/27, 2013. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1080.

Experiences from a TBox Reasoning Application: Deriving a Relational Model by OWL Schema Analysis

Thomas Hornung, Wolfgang May


Given an OWL-DL ontology of an application domain, we derive an application-specific relational model as known from classical database design, where the relational model is created from an ER model. The mapping depends as usual on the cardinalities of properties; namely whether a property is functional or not on a certain domain.

In particular, since properties may be defined for several classes, where they can be functional on some of them, and multivalued on others, a detailed schema inspection is necessary. We show that this requires the definition of auxiliary classes at processing time followed by containment checks. Thus, the process cannot be implemented declaratively by a simple set of SPARQL queries, but requires the use of a procedural framework that interferes with the ontology.

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