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Semistructured Data and XML
Winter 2014/15

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang May
Assistant: Daniel Schubert

Date and Time:

  • Wednesday 10-12 ct, IFI SR 2.101
  • Friday 10-12 ct, IFI SR 2.101

Lecture and Exercises mixed (see announcements on this page)

Module M.Inf.1141, 4 SWS, 6 ECTS.
The module's home is the MSc studies in Applied CS. It can also be credited in the BSc studies in Applied CS (as "Vertiefung Softwaresysteme und Daten"),
and in several other studies:
BSc/MSc Wirtschaftsinformatik, Mathematik (BSc/MSc), Teaching/2-Fach-Bachelor, PhD GAUSS, ...

Course Description

One of the most important facts that lead to the overall success of XML is that the "XML world" combines a lot of already known concepts in an optimal way for coping with a broad spectrum of requirements. The course will first review some of these preceding (partially even historic) concepts (network database model, relational databases, object-oriented databases) and the integration of data and metadata (SchemaSQL). Then, the idea of "semistructured data" is introduced by showing early representatives that helped to shape the XML world (F-Logic, OEM).

In the main part, XML is presented as a data model and a markup-meta-language, and the current languages of the concepts of the XML world are systematically investigated and applied: DTD, XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XLink, XML Schema, and SQL/XML.

The lecture uses the geographical sample database "Mondial" in its XML version for illustrations.

For practical exercises, the XML software is installed in the IFI CIP Pool. The software playground page can be found here; the XPath/XQuery Web interface is available here.
The sample code fragments can be found in the pool under /afs/informatik.uni-goettingen.de/course/xml-lecture/ .

Dates & Topics


  • Oral exams, between 9.2.2015 and April 2015:
    • Exam period in February: 9.2.-13.2.
    • Exam period in early March: 2.3.-7.3.
    • Exam period in April: 7.4.-17.4.
      (Summer term lectures start on April 13)
    • all three slots have been created in FlexNever; registration for each of them ends one week before the first exam date.
    • Please contact may at informatik.uni-goettingen.de for the individual appointments/slots
    • the exams take place in my office, room IFI 2.107

Some hints for Exam preparation