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Institute for Informatics
Databases and Information Systems


Practical Training XML
Winter Term 2009/2010

The course yields 6 ECTS-credits

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang May
Assistants: Dr. Franz Schenk, Daniel Schubert


  • Successful participation in the module "Semistructured Data and XML" (either in summer 2009 or before).
  • Successful participation of the "General Programming Lab/Allgemeines Programmierpraktikum" (or an equivalent course).

Course Description

The practical training builds upon the lecture Semistructured Data and XML. The training uses the concepts of the XML world: DTD, XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XLink, XML Schema, SQL/XML, XML APIs for Java (SAX, DOM, JAXB), and Web Service infrastructure (Apache Tomcat).

  • The first part of the course uses the geographical sample database "Mondial" in its XML version.
  • The second part is intended to be carried out in a project-style, developing an application scenario using Web Services, Java, and XML.

Time Schedule

Part I: Basics, concepts and languages around XML that should be known from the summer lecture.

Part II: Web Services, XML and Java

  • 2. Unit: 18.11. 10-12h SR2.101: course/overview of XML and Java.
    Slides: XML Schema, XML and Java,
    Software and codefragments to download.
    The exercises to this unit exhibit the typical features of each of the concepts in comparisons:
    • DOM: The Java API for handling XML trees (we use jdom)
    • JAXB: mapping XML element types to Java classes based on XML Schema
    • Exercise: DOM vs. JAXB
    • SAX: Stream-Based API
    • StAX: another Stream-Based API
    • Exercise: SAX vs. StAX
    • XML for data exchange and Web Services: using the Tomcat WebService Container and communication via HTTP
    • Exercise: communicating/cooperating Web Services
    Blatt 3: XML and Java
  • 25.11. Gruppenbesprechung Blatt 1 (XQuery) und 2 (XSLT)
  • 2.12. JAXB, Web Services
  • 9.12. Presentation: Usage of XML in MARS
  • On-demand: Intermediate meeting for exercises, questions
  • 16.12. Besprechung der Aufgaben ...
  • 6.1. kein Treffen (noch offizielle Weihnachtspause)
  • 13.1. 10:15 Besprechung der Aufgaben
  • 20.1. 10:15 Vortrag (aus dem Seminar XML-ML) von Simon Trang: Open Document Format (ODF) und Office Open XML (OOXML)
    Folien; Ausarbeitung folgt noch.
  • 27.1. 10:15 Besprechung der Aufgaben