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Practical Training XML
Winter Term 2020/21

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang May
Lars Runge, M.Sc., Sebastian Schrage, M.Sc.

  • Date and Time: Mon 14-18
  • Room: IFI 2.101 (North Campus)
  • Virtual Meetings: We will use BigBlueButton provided by GWDG; the rooms/meetings can be entered via StudIP. There also the recordings can be found (they cannot be exported or edited at all)
    Please also read the general and technical information about DBIS virtual teaching.
  • The course yields 6 ECTS-credits; it is graded (=benotet)


  • Successful participation in the module "Semistructured Data and XML" or comparable good knowledge in XML
  • Successful participation in the "General Programming Lab/Allgemeines Programmierpraktikum" (or an equivalent course).

Course Description

The practical training builds upon the lecture Semistructured Data and XML. The training uses the concepts of the XML world: DTD, XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XLink, XML Schema, SQL/XML, XML APIs for Java (SAX, DOM, JAXB), and Web Service infrastructure (Apache Tomcat).

  • Most of the course uses the geographical sample database "Mondial" in its XML version.

Documentation: use the slides from the SSD/XML lecture (the full slide set can be found here; Sections 1-8 were the material of the lecture, the rest is intended for the practical course) and the W3C documentation linked below. For practical exercises, the XML software is installed in the IFI CIP Pool. Short descriptions of the software to be used can be found here.

The course takes place in groups of 3-4 persons. There are probably 5 units: XPath/XQuery, XSLT (both based on the material of the lecture), XML and Java I (DOM/SAX/StAX), XML and Java II (JAXB and Digester), and Web Services. For every unit, there is an exercise sheet which will be discussed with the supervisors.

Prospective Time Schedule

Part I: Review of basics, concepts and languages around XML that should be known from the XML lecture.

  • 1. Meeting + Lecture: 9.11. (Mo - note: winter term lectures will start November 2nd): Introduction, Formalities
  • ... to be extended