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The LoPiX-Mondial Case Study: Data Integration in XML

The LoPiX - Mondial case study illustrates data integration in XML using the LoPiX system. LoPiX is an implementation of the XML XML querying and data manipulation language XPathLog.

The case study is based on XML representations of the sources which have been used for generating the Mondial database:

  • CIA World Factbook,
  • Global Statistics which has been collected by Johan van der Heijden.
  • additional textual sources for coordinates,
  • the International Atlas by Kümmerly & Frey, Rand McNally, and Westermann,
  • and some geographical data of the Karlsruhe TERRA database.

The original HTML sources have been mapped to XML using wrappers with the FLORID system (see here).

The integration of the above sources has been done in XPathLog: