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Databases and Information Systems

Uni Göttingen

Workshop Internet-Datenbanken, GI-Jahrestagung 2000,
Berlin, Germany, Sept. 19, 2000. Published in Technical Report No. 12, Fak. f. Informatik, Univ. Magdeburg, 2000, pp. 31-45.

Handling XML with a Deductive Database System

Wolfgang May


We propose an integration of XML with F-Logic, a deductive object-oriented database framework. The F-Logic data model is in fact a semistructured data model, exhibiting many similarities with the XML/DOM data model: there is a canonical mapping from XML to a fragment of F-Logic. The advantages of the integration are that the full expressiveness of F-Logic (and the functionality of the Florid system) can be applied to the data, providing an intuitive language for view definitions, updates, schema reasoning, Web exploration, integration (also with non-XML sources) etc. Especially, extended XML features, such as XML Schema or XLink can easily be prototypically implemented and evaluated.