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Intl. Workshop on Foundations of Models and Languages for Data and Objects (FMLDO 2001),
Roma, Italy, Sept., 16-18, 2001. Published as Technical report, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. Manchester, UK. Post-conference proceedings should have been appeared with Springer LNCS. .

On an XML Data Model for Data Integration

Wolfgang May, Erik Behrends


We consider the problem of integrating XML data using a warehouse strategy. In particular, we show that the DOM model and the XML Query Data Model are not suitable for data integration. We present a solution by a node-labeled graph-based data model, called XTreeGraph, for an internal XML database that represents multiple, overlapping XML trees, or tree views. The practicability of the approach is shown by a rule-based XML querying and manipulation language, implemented in the LoPiX system.


An extended version can be found in the Habilitation thesis and in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 2004.
Further documentation can be found on the LoPiX project homepage.