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Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 4(3), pp. 239-287, 2004.

XPath-Logic and XPathLog: A Logic-Programming Style XML Data Manipulation Language

Wolfgang May


We define XPathLog as a Datalog-style extension of XPath. XPathLog provides a clear, declarative language for querying and manipulating XML whose perspectives are especially in XML data integration.

In our characterization, the formal semantics is defined wrt. an edge-labeled graph-based model which covers the XML data model. We give a complete, logic-based characterization of XML data and the main language concept for XML, XPath. XPath-Logic extends the XPath language with variable bindings and embeds it into first-order logic. XPathLog is then the Horn fragment of XPath-Logic, providing a Datalog-style, rule-based language for querying and manipulating XML data. The model-theoretic semantics of XPath-Logic serves as the base of XPathLog as a logic-programming language, whereas also an equivalent answer-set semantics for evaluating XPathLog queries is given. In contrast to other approaches, the XPath syntax and semantics is also used for a declarative specification how the database should be updated: when used in rule heads, XPath filters are interpreted as specifications of elements and properties which should be added to the database.

The paper is available online at

The paper is an excerpt of the Habilitation Thesis A Logic-Based Approach to XML Data Integration (2001).
XPathLog has been implemented in the LoPiX project.

Preliminary results have been presented in