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International Workshop on Applications of Logic Programming to the Web, Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS07),
Porto, Portugal, September 13, 2007. CEUR online proceedings available at, pp. 60-75.

Combining OWL with F-Logic Rules and Defaults

Heiko Kattenstroth, Wolfgang May, Franz Schenk


We describe the combination of OWL and F-Logic for the architecture of Semantic Web application nodes. The approach has been implemented by combining an existing Jena-based architecture with an external Florid instance. The approach is based on a loose coupling where the F-Logic rules are used for e.g., role-value-maps, closed-world-reasoning, (stratified) negation, aggregation, and definition of answer views; additionally the default inheritance of F-Logic can be exploited.

[Slides (pdf)]

A prototype of the system can be found at

This research is supported by the EU FP6 Network of Excellence REWERSE