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The First International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR2007),
Innsbruck, Austria, June 7-8, 2007. LNCS 4524, Springer, pp. 259-268.

Rule-Based Active Domain Brokering for the Semantic Web

Erik Behrends, Oliver Fritzen, Tobias Knabke, Wolfgang May, Franz Schenk


We investigate the use of domain ontologies that also include actions and events of that domain. Such ontologies do not only cover the static aspects of an ontology, but also activities and behavior in the given domain. We analyze what information has to be contained in such an ontology and show that large parts of the behavior can be expressed preferably by rules. We show how the tasks can be integrated and handled by a service infrastructure in the Semantic Web.

[Slides (pdf)]
An extended talk about the framework can be found [here (pdf)]

This research is supported by the EU FP6 Network of Excellence REWERSE