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Databases and Information Systems: Teaching

The teaching activities contribute mainly to the Bachelor/Master Studies in Applied Computer Science; also students in Business Informatics/Information Systems, Mathematics etc. attend the lectures. From 2005-2008, advanced lectures have also been transmitted to TU Clausthal.

General Information on DBIS teaching:

  • In summer term 2020 all DBIS courses take place as online courses (see below for detailed information). In most cases, we do live teaching with broadcasting and possible interaction. Often, also recordings are provided. See the DBIS Virtual Teaching page for details.
  • All relevant information about the lectures can be found at this Website ("the blue pages"). By this, our materials are publicly available to everybody.
    Note especially, that we do not follow the diverse forums in StupID (these are a severe misdesign - following each of them would require a lot of time. For contacting the teaching persons, e-Mail has been invented in the early 1970s).
  • There is no official enrolment for DBIS lectures (only for seminars and labs). Students may freely decide to attend the lecture. For the lectures, the provided exercises are also not mandatory (both is not laziness on our side, but the way I understand academic education, and how studying was organized at Karlsruhe University when I studied there years ago). Only at the end, for the exams, there is a registration (with FlexNow as far as possible).

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