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Supervision of Bachelor and Master Theses

We supervise Bachelor and Master Theses in the area of relational databases, XML, RDF, and Semantic Web. We also co-supervise data management-oriented application projects with other departments in course of the "Applied Computer Science" Program, e.g., in digital humanities, didactics, geoinformatics, ecoinformatics, bioinformatics etc.

We expect that candidates have successfully attended the basic module "Introduction to databases"; preferably candidates have also participated in the practical training "Database Programming in SQL". Since our research focuses on the XML and Semantic Web areas, candidates should also have successfully attended the modules "Semistructured Data and XML" and/or "Deductive Databases" and/or "Semantic Web".

Please contact the us for possible topics.

Requirements for Supervision and Reviews:

  • Due to a high number of enquiries, we cannot accomodate all interested candidates for BSc/MSc theses. The supervision of theses in our research areas has absolute priority over external theses and independent topics.
  • Supervision of external theses: only if the topic has a strong relationship to databases, Web data, or Semantic Web. The external working environment for the theses must provide evidence to be suitable for a successful completion of the theses (candidates should also profoundly validate this in their own interest).
  • Note that our exam regulations require the co-review (Zweitgutachten) to be rewritten by a postdoctoral researcher. DBIS usually does not host a postdoc, so candidates should contact and propose a co-supervisor (and clarify his/her requirements on the thesis) early enough.
  • Co-reviews (Zweitgutachten): We intend to restrict ourselves to co-reviews with a strong relationship to Data Management/Web/Semantic Web. For the grading, the quality of the database design, and the adequateness of the solution under the aspects of state of the art technologies (XML, RDF etc.) plays an important role. Candidates should contact us early enough, to have an adequate co-supervision in these topics.

A list of (co-)supervised theses can be found here.