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Semistructured Data and XML

3 SWS + 1 SWS Exercises/Übung; 6 ECTS-Credits; MSc or advanced BSc


The course introduces the general concepts of semistructured data and their evolution to XML. XML and the main languages and concepts of the XML world are then investigated both in theory and practice.

  • early data models and database concepts (network data model, object-oriented model)
  • semistructured data (data integration, metadata handling, data models and languages)
  • the XML data model and language, DTDs; XHTML
  • the addressing formalism XPath
  • the query language XQuery
  • the transformation language XSLT
  • XML Schema, XLink, DOM/SAX, XML Databases/Mappings
  • Outlook and Applications: Web Services, Semantic Web, GML ...

The course uses the Mondial database for illustrations and practical experiments.

The XML Lab builds upon this course.

Prerequisites: Lecture Databases.