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Lab Course: SQL

Lab course, 6 ECTS; BSc.

The course is usually taught as block course in spring or during the summer term.

In this lab course, the database programming language SQL is taught in several subsequent units. The practical training is carried out in groups consisting of 3 or 4 students. For every exercise, the presentation of the solutions is done for each group with their supervisor.


ER-Modeling, schema generation, queries, views, updates, referential integrity, complex attributes and nested tables, PL/SQL: procedures, functions, triggers, object-relational features in Oracle, indexing, access control, embedded SQL, JDBC (embedding into Java), Java stored procedures in RDBMS.

The training uses the Mondial database under Oracle.

Prerequisites: for participating in the course, CS students must in general have successfully participated in the Introduction to Databases lecture and in the programming lab. Students from other areas who are seriously interested to learn practical SQL are welcome. Please contact the DBIS team before.